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Who We Are

"Kai has been a wonderful host, organizer and teacher. He is responsive and attentive to the needs of the group. He has organized and managed our logistics , planning and content on several of these occasions and we found him to be easy to work with, an effective communicator and professional under all circumstances."

Dr. Amy Cox

Director IPCR

Arcadia University

The Consortium for Conversational Conflict Resolution (C4CCR) is an advisory and training body that supports businesses, non-profit organizations, and NGOs as they navigate change and confront conflict.

C4CCR has developed the Square Communications framework, an instructional tool that outlines a process for resolving conflict in a peaceful way that makes space for healthy debate.

C4CCR is comprised of six principals in Canada, France, and the U.S., all of whom possess a Master's degree or PhD in the field of Conflict Resolution. They have worked on, and helped resolve conflicts across the globe. With mediation work as part of the United Nations Development Program and conflict resolution training for after school teachers in East New York as the extremes, they have a wide variety of experience and exposure with different levels of conflict.