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​From warlords to watercoolers. Conflict comes at a high price,
let's reverse the losses with a  conversation.

Couples or companies, individuals or groups, you are all welcome to start a conversation.

Our Services

Struggling to manage conflict in your office?

C4CCRs roving-ombuds offers an affordable, convenient and confidential way to help manage and resolve conflicts in the workplace.

Are you looking for a way to reduce turnover and increase retention?

Our conflict resolution training for employees is the perfect solution. It’s been proven to help teams navigate conflict successfully, which leads to increased productivity and a better customer experience.​

Are you considering a divorce?

Divorce mediation can be a much faster, less expensive and more satisfactory way to dissolve a marriage. With the help of a mediator, couples can choose the best course of action for them relating to custody, division of assets and other important issues. 

Do you need a mediator?
Perhaps an ombuds* is a better fit. 

Conflict is an inevitable part of every work environment. In the U.S. alone, employees spend on average 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict, equating to about $359 billion in paid hours. Your organization's ability to prevent, mitigate, and resolve conflict is essential to its success.


*An Ombuds (also "ombudsman" or "ombudsperson") is a designated neutral or impartial conflict resolution practitioner who provides confidential and informal assistance to parties on a variety of issues and concerns.

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