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"This weekend was great because it was a blend of introspective and global-focused activities."

"Gave me new energy to return to the Country Office with a positive mindset."

"I enjoyed this workshop because of its approach. Initially I believed we would be sitting through a series of lectures. The dynamic approach of short lectures, activities and group work allowed for theory to become practice."

"The workshop changed my perspective about conflict and conflict resolution. I have learned to understand the steps, procedures and processes on how to analyze and map out conflict. I also like the facilitating method of both Kai and Michael. They inspire me and I believe I will copy them as an example."

"From the very beginning I think attending this event has demonstrated some sort of personal transitioning."

"Kai facilitated and narrowed the gap between different ideas."

"I was impressed by how prepared Mr. Stabell was, as well as his ability to connect with, and relate to, these young staff members.  They told me after the workshop that they felt that they had picked up some communication and conflict resolution skills that would transfer to many situations in their lives."

"Kai has been a wonderful host, organizer and teacher. He is responsive and attentive to the needs of the group. He has organized and managed our logistics , planning and content on several of these occasions and we found him to be easy to work with, an effective communicator and professional under all circumstances."