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All C4CCR principals are experts in DEI and cross-cultural

collaboration and can guide your organization to success.

They have lived and successfully worked in several countries across Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Asia, North and South America

Cultural misunderstandings arising from miscommunication are one of the biggest challenges organizations face when expanding into new countries. 


What starts as a promising prospect for all sides often breaks down due to misunderstandings, causing unnecessary delays, cost overruns, and a failure to achieve organizational goals.


To avoid such problems, it is important to have advisors in place that can help your organization understand the cultural differences and put in place diversity, equity and inclusion processes to overcome them.  

How C4CCR Helps You Achieve Your DEI Goals

Whether you are researching an expansion opportunity or you're already experiencing cross-cultural or DEI challenges that are impeding your mission, we can provide practical tools for understanding and overcoming DEI communication challenges.


Executive Preparation 

Planning to expand ? We can help your team learn about DEI and cross-cultural communication so you can be more successful, more quickly. 

What We Can Address:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication styles

  • Typical sources of conflict or misunderstanding

  • LGBTQ+ considerations

  • Office and workplace expectations

  • Adapting your organizational culture 

  • Other related concerns, as requested


What You'll Receive: 

  • A presentation tailored for your organization's unique challenges, delivered in person by one or more of our principals

  • Handbook with recommendations for further reading




Do you have a team in place and you want to improve DEI and collaboration among its members?

What We Can Address:

  • How different cultures communicate and collaborate

  • Expectations for manager-employee relationships

  • Methods for overcoming DEI differences in order to achieve organizational success

  • Other related concerns, as requested


What You'll Receive: 

  • One or more personalized training sessions for your teams, in person or virtual

  • Handbook with our Square Communications framework and recommendations for further reading



1:1 Management Coaching

Are your managers experiencing specific challenges that a little cultural and DEI insight and guidance could help them overcome?

What We Can Address:

  • Pinpointing the reasons behind internal resistance

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Strategies for addressing performance issues

  • Other challenges your managers are facing


What You'll Receive: 

  • A series of regular, 50-minute coaching sessions addressing actual challenges your managers are facing, delivered via phone or video

Contact Us for Your Free 30-Minute Consultation

Following an initial conversation we will deliver a proposal recommending specific next steps and principals.