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Rick Wallace
BA, MA Transformative Adult Education, LLM Int Human Rights,
Phd Peacebuilding
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Kai Stabell
Founder / Principal
BA Pax, MA Conflict Resolution
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Rafael Tyszblat

BA, MA Political Science & International Relations MA Conflict Resolution


Rafael is a multi sectors mediator, facilitator and trainer. His 12 years international experience goes from accompanying teams in intercultural relations management to mediating school, family, and workplace disputes through facilitating workplace meetings and intercultural dialogue groups. Passionate about the field conflict resolution, Rafael Tyszblat uses a variety of tools and approaches to better meet the needs of a person or group. Through his interventions, he promotes a different way of understanding our relations with the Other. 

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Elizabeth Soltis
BA History and Political Science
MA International Relations
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Kai is an engaging motivator, mediator and facilitator drawing from both public and private sector experiences. 


Most recently he worked for UNDP for almost a decade. Kai started with the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery (BCPR) on Conflict Prevention and Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR). Followed by UNDP’s Gender Team focusing on Democratic Governance. Lastly as part of UNDP’s Leadership Development Programme (LEAD) as Deputy for Mine Action in UNDP Iraq, followed by work on Inclusive Development as part of the Poverty Group in UNDP’s Bureau of Development Policy (BDP), before concluding as a member of the Bureau of Management (BOM) working in the Security Office.

He has also commanded soldiers in the Norwegian Army, been a successful Sales and Marketing Manager for Humanitarian Landmine and UXO solutions in the Middle East.

Rick is a dynamic mediator, facilitator and designer of organizational process for

changes. With a background in non-profit management, the United Nations, NGOs, and CBOs he brings 20 years of international and Canadian experience in peacecbuilding, conflict resolution, multi-party negotiation, facilitation, restorative

justice, strategic planning, leadership, and international Indigenous and human rights.

JO is an innovative mediator, facilitator, trainer and coach with specialized knowledge in Women, Peace and Security and eliminating Sexual and Gender Based Violence. In 13 years she has worked with UN agencies, NGOs, civil society, governments and the private sector in training, facilitation, coaching, conflict transformation, research and analysis, monitoring and evaluation and in using social media for intercultural dialogue in Canada and internationally.

Jo-Ann Rodrigues
BA International Studies
MA Peace Studies
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Elizabeth is known as a passionate bridge-builder and social innovator in catalyzing new ways of thinking, being and doing.  For over twenty years, she has worked in all sectors as an organizational development facilitator, including nine years serving UN teams around the world.  Elizabeth partners with clients on multiple levels – on the systems level in streamlining bottlenecks and shifting systems – on the cultural level in facilitating healthy team behaviors – and on the individual level with confidential coaching.

Saurav Upadhyay
BA Journalism
MA candidate International Peace and Conflict Resolution

Saurav is our Summer 2016 Associate. He is a graduate student, with the academic focus on conducting policy work on reconstruction in conflict and post conflict spaces, international human rights instruments and mechanisms, conducting research on war and violent conflict through ethnography and mediation. For the past 5 years, he has worked as a liaison for the Bhutanese/Nepali refugee community in Philadelphia school system, where he has found creative ways to get the refugee community involved in their children's education.